Agricultural Glas Scheme

animal-overview-front-cover-cleanedGLAS scheme is the new replacement for REPS.

GLAS will be a five year scheme with a maximum payment of € 5000 annually for up to 50,000 farmers, with an expectation that 30,000 will be accepted in the first year. In order to qualify for payment, farmers will have to undertake specified environmental actions based on a plan prepared by an approved planner. A nutrient management plan will also be required.

Access to the scheme will be on a priority basis.

One of the conditions involved will mean fencing all watercourses by means of putting up a fence 1.5m from banks, the GLAS scheme payment for this is €1.50/m/year. This is an attractive option for many farmers as there is no maximum amount you can fence off, but the following considerations apply:

  • You cannot have any drinking points at the river; this means you must install a piped water system or some other means of providing water to cattle i.e. bored well.
  • You must have cattle on the farm.
  • If you have both sides of the river-you get paid on the double.

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