Water Well Drilling in Ireland

bigrig3Questions & Answers:

  • How much will my well cost?

    Price per ft/meter will be given in a free quotation. Final cost will depend on depth of well on completion. No hidden or additional charges.

  • Do i need planning permission to drill a well ?

    No planning permission is needed to drill a well for existing properties, only new builds .

  • How far should a drinking water well be located from a septic tank system?

    Locating the well up gradient of the tank is most important. Regulations may require a setback distance of 100 or more feet.

  • What width should my entrance be to allow access for the machine?

    Allow at least 8-10 feet minimum 

  • How much notice would I need to give for work to commence?

    At least 2 weeks notice if possible.

  • 303461_422793891078046_500543711_nAt what stage of my building project should I consider having my well drilled?

    The well can be drilled once ground works are in process.

  • Does a person come out to view the site before work can commence?

    Yes, we will review the terrain and check our equipment can access the drilling location.

  • Is borehole water better than mains water?

    60% of mains water originates from recycled wastewater, to ensure the water maintains satisfactory quality through the long distance pipework , mains water contains chlorine, fluoride + other chemicals, your private well/borehole supply maybe with the help of simple filtration has no requirement for any chemicals and will provide pure drinking water.

  • I have a rotten egg smell coming from my water,what is the cause of this?

    This is caused by manganese, a filtration system will take care of this problem.

  • I seem to have very little pressure in my tap, why is this?

    It is possible that you might need your pump checked ie pressure vessel might need to be checked,or the pump itself,if all that fails it could be a sign that your well is running dry.

  • My pump is staying permanently on?

    Your pressure switch may need changing.

  • My Water is brown in colour, what is the cause of this?

    This is a sign that you have iron in your water,a filtration system will take care of this problem

  • bigrig2Can a unregistered farmer claim vat back on the drilling of a well?

    Yes unregistered farmers can claim vat back at the end of the year on the vat 58 form

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