Ellis Well Drilling –


  • Domestic
  • Agricultural
  • Commercial
  • Monitoring boreholes & site investigation
  • Production & test wells
  • Well Decommission
  • Irrigation wells
  • Wells cleaned and deepened (would have to be an old drilled well 6 inch in diameter, lined with steel liner, not a old well more than 20+ years built by stone etc.)

Domestic Wells:

Having a water well on your property is an important investment that you should be able to rely upon year after year given you an unlimited supply of a natural source.

Here at Ellis Well Drilling, we drill and case 150mm (6 inch) domestic water wells with steel lining through the overburden until rock is encountered followed by slotted pvc lining which is lined the total depth of the well, this is place inside the steel lining.The steel lining is then sealed into rock using betonite grout. All our wells are constructed & grouted to EPA standards.

Well depths can vary due to ground conditions & geological factors, on average wells can range from 60m upwards. Having a well divined cannot predict depth this can only be determined by the flow encountered during the drilling process. Its very rare that that a borehole doesn’t produce a supply, should this happen we will advise the client and set up in a different location on site.

A domestic well is capable of supplying 2/3 dwellings, thus cutting the cost when spread between 3 clients.

We also cater for larger diameter boreholes and monitoring boreholes for the agricultural and commercial sector.

A typical domestic well takes a day to produce.

  • We visit your site and discuss your needs
  • We review the terrain and check that our equipment can access the drilling location & advise on preparations required prior to drilling, if any, sometimes to for us to gain access a section of a wall or a entrance pillar might need to be removed. We will only ask for this to be done if absolutely necessary.
  • We then set an appointment for the work to commence

Commercial & Agricultural Wells:

Drilling needs will vary determined by customer needs.

The diameter of the borehole will depend on the size of the pump & volume of water required as the casing houses the pump.
We have the ability to drill 6-12 inch diameter boreholes. We also drill monitoring boreholes for various projects testing the ground.

An agricultural well is an important investment & can have significant cost savings especially in the dairy sector where on average dairy farmers are paying 10-15 thousand per annum , a reliable water supply is essential for animal consumption, cleaning and sanitizing. On average 6.5 litres of water is used for every 1 litre of milk produced.Water demands for animal maintenance are determined by climate, dry matter intake and milk yield.

Commercial and Industrial wells provide for various users such as agricultural, geo-thermal, factories, office buildings, car wash, hotels, schools, stud farms, golf courses and much more.



If you run a business requiring large amounts of water for growing greenery, an irrigation well may be the answer. We can drill irrigation wells for home-owners garden centres, greenhouses and golf courses.

We can help determine the best type of well for your watering needs.


If you have an old drilled shallow well(not man made , built with stone) less than 20 years old and the flow rate is less than the required minimum yield, or your water well has run dry, you may need well deepening, we can provide a service that rehabilitates older shallow wells. Well deepening is the act of re drilling an existing drilled well, it will improve the well performance and will create additional water yield. If the well is older than 20 + years we would advise on drilling a new well.

We often get queries in relation to cleaning up an old ( man made) dug well, unfortunately this is something we don’t do. It would make more economical sense to drill a new well as the risk of contamination in the old well would be quiet high.

A well must always be visible to ensure easy access in future years (if necessary) for maintenance work to your pump, therefore we would advise that you try not to conceal your well with buildings etc. Boreholes on completion of pump should be sealed to prevent contamination from entering the well. Wellheads should be constructed so as to ensure that surface water and shallow groundwater , which are likely to be polluted, cannot enter the well . We advise to dig a foot or two square around the well head, build a few rows of blocks making sure to plaster the outside so rain water cant seep through , bring to or slightly above ground level and cover with a man hole lid leaving no holes visible as to prevent any rodents entering your well.

Click on image to enlargeAs a general rule, a well should be located up hill and as far away as possible to minimize the likelihood of the well being polluted by septic tanks, farmyard run off , slurry and oil tanks.

Rotary Drilling:

All our drilled wells are constructed by a Rotary Drilling machine. In rotary drilling a drill bit is attached to a length of connected drill pipe. The drill bit is made of tough metals such as Tungsten as the drill is rotated using compressed air to operate a down-hole air hammer on the end of the drill pipe that helps break up hard rocks.

The compressed air blows the crushed rock fragments & soil out of the hole to the surface along with any water that flows in the well during drilling. There are often several layers of rock in a single well and each may require different drilling procedures.We don’t remove this soil from your site as this would require a permit under new legislation to do so. Normally the amount from the drilling procedure is a few wheelbarrow loads for the client to dispose of.

Odex Drilling & Mud Drilling:

Used for unstable ground ie sand, marl etc. Ideal for setting casing in advance unconsolidated and bedrock formations where techniques such as conventional air hammer fail.

Dimensions of the Rig:

  • Weight: 35 Tonnedimensions-188x300
  • Width: 8 ft 3 inches, (2.5m)
  • Travel Height: 13 ft 6 inches (4.1m)
  • Working Height: 40 ft 6 inches (12.3m)
  • Length 38 ft 6 inches (11.7m)

Some Considerations to Include:

  • Overhead Wires,
  • Low Bridges en route
  • Trees in Vicinity
  • Soft Ground
  • Entrance to your property

No matter which method of drilling is used, the well is always lined with steel & pvc well casing, the steel casing prevents the walls of the well from collapsing in. The diameter of the drilled hole is usually an inch or two wider than the diameter of the casing.

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