Ellis Well Drilling – Terms & Conditions

Please note our terms and conditions below:

Credit terms are strictly a maximum of thirty (30) days, should we not receive payment or come to an agreement on payment unfortunately we shall have no choice but to decommission the borehole.

Ownership of all goods supplied shall remain the property of Well Arden Ltd trading as Ellis Well Drilling until all sums have been paid in full.

Quality and quantity are beyond our control as ground conditions vary in different parts of the country due to geological factors. Filtration may be required in some wells to treat problems such as iron , lime manganese to name but a few. In the situation of a dry borehole(no water) we charge for materials used which include steel & pvc liners , fuel and labour costs. Where the driller has in their opinion reached a consistent water supply no discrepancies over depth drilled shall be discounted from the invoice total.

We at Well Arden Ltd trading as Ellis well Drilling shall not accept any liability  for any field, lawn or driveway damage, entrances ie fencing, gates , walls etc , drains or buried services, dirt  from the drilling process or movement of plant equipment to and from your property. Disposal of  arisings (soil), fluids  from the drilling process is the responsibility of the client.

Should you need any advice or have any discrepancies on your newly drilled well please contact us rather than seek advice from others as this often leads to false information been given.

Any discrepancies shall be dealt with in a timely and professional manner .

Credit Terms

Dear Customer

The EU, under the Late Payment Transactions Regulations 16th March 2013 to date, introduced the late payment legislation for the private sector.

This has the affect of our suppliers tightly controlling the number of days’ credit given to our company.

We, in turn, must insist that our customers should at all times maintain accounts within our credit term which is a maximum of thirty days from date of invoice.

With effect from 1st January 2019,the late payment interest rate is 8% per annum(that is based on the ECB rate as at the 1st january 2019)of 0.00% plus the margin of 8%) This rate equates to a daily rate of 0.022% this legislation enables the application of penalty interest rate  to be applied to all transactions, which are not settled within the above terms.The regulations also establish an entitlement for creditors to compensation for expenses incurred as a result of late payment, plus additional recovery costs.Provision is made for a minimum fixed charge of €40 where the debt is less than €1000, €70 where the debt is between €1000 and €10’000.The supplier is not required to produce evidence of having incurred relevant recovery costs.

Should you have any query on this matter please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours Sincerely

Harry Ellis
Well Arden Ltd
(Ellis Well Drilling)

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