Ellis Well Drilling – Grant Information

water grantWater Well Grants:

The objective of the grant scheme is to assist households dependent on private individual water supplies.

  • To provide a piped supply of water for domestic purposes
  • To rectify serious deficiencies in an existing supply of water for domestic purposes.

The scheme does not apply to homes to which a public or group scheme water supply has already been provided or can reasonably be provided.

NB: Works carried out before a prior inspection by the local authority do not qualify under the scheme.


A person is eligible for a grant if he or she is –

  • Providing a supply of water to an existing house over 7 years.
  • Carrying out improvements to a seriously deficient existing piped supply of water to a house.
  • The dwelling is 7 years old or over and not connected to a public water supply(main’s)
  • The house concerned must be the normal place of residence ( not a holiday home)
  • A water supply grant cannot have been paid in the last 7 years.

…where the supply of water concerned is a supply other than a public or group scheme supply. ( A group water scheme is a scheme providing a private supply of water by means of a common or shared source of supply and distribution system.).

A person is not eligible for a grant if , in the opinion of the local authority –

  • The house concerned is not occupied by the applicant as his or her normal place of residence (e.g. a holiday home)
  • The house concerned is at present connected to a public or group scheme water supply
  • The area in which the house is located is or is about to be served by a public water supply or a group scheme water supply
  • The house concerned is under construction or has been constructed within the previous 7 years.

Qualifying Works:

Works qualify under the scheme where they are undertaken to provide or improve a supply of water for domestic purposes in a house and they consist of one or more of the following:

  • Drilling or commissioning a new well
  • Rehabilitating an existing well, including deepening or relining an existing bore or the removal of silt, the maximum grant for refurbishment works to a domestic well at present is €2031 this is to be increased under the multi annual rural water programme from €2031 to €30000 date to be soon announced. A new provision for a maximum grant of €5000 shall be available also during 2019 to have a new well drilled.
  • Providing or upgrading a supply of water from a surface water source
  • The construction or improvement of a pump house, piping or other facilities in connection with the supply of water
  • The provision or improvement of mechanical or electrical equipment or facilities in connection with the supply of water
  • The provision or improvement of facilities or equipment for the treatment of water

Works do not qualify where, in the opinion of the local authority:

  • They have an approved cost of less than €750
  • The proposed works exceed what would be required to secure an adequate supply of water for domestic purposes
  • They relate to the installation or improvement of plumbing inside a house
  • They relate to the provision or up-grading of a supply of water for non-domestic purposes
  • they are carried out before the local authoritys’ prior inspection takes place.
  • The Dwelling is connected to a public water supply (main’s)

Prior Inspection:

The local authority will carry out a prior inspection to:

  • Determine eligibility and whether the proposed works qualify
  • In the case of an application relating to the improvement of an existing supply, determine whether such supply is seriously deficient
  • Where the applicant is not, at the time of application, able to provide full details of the proposed works (for example, in the case of a new well), the local authority will only confirm whether or not the applicant is eligible for a grant.
    The authority will consider whether the relevant works qualify, and determine an approved cost and amount of grant, when full details of such works are provided.
    The applicant may provide such details after the works have been completed provided a prior inspection has taken place.

Approved Cost:

The approved cost, the amount on the basis of which the amount of the grant is calculated, is determined by the local authority. It is an estimate of the reasonable cost of qualifying works.

Amount Of Grant:

The amount of the grant will be:

  • 75% of the approved cost (or, where appropriate, the revised approved cost) or
  • €2031.58

whichever is the lesser.

Certificate of Provisional Approval:

Where the local authority has:

  • Carried out a prior inspection to its satisfaction
  • Determined that the applicant is eligible, the proposed works qualify, and all other terms and conditions of the scheme are complied with
  • Determined the approved cost and the amount of grant

…it will issue a Certificate of Provisional Approval to applicant.

Carrying out of works:

After receipt of a Certificate of Provisional Approval, the works concerned may commence. The works must be carried out by a contractor registered for VAT who holds a current Form C2 or tax clearance certificate from the Revenue Commissioners.

Claiming Payment:

On completion of the works, payment of grant may be claimed by the applicant by signing the declaration incorporated in the Certificate of Provisional Approval, and returning it together with receipts in respect of qualifying works to the local authority.

Payment of Grant:

Following receipt of a claim for payment, the local authority will carry out an inspection of the works to establish that

  • The works proposed in the application have been satisfactorily undertaken and completed
  • A water supply which is satisfactory in both quality and quantitiy has been provided

Once this is established the grant will be paid.

Where the local authority is of the opinion that the works have not been undertaken in accordance with the application, or have not been satisfactorily completed, the authority may

  • Determine a revised approved cost
  • Withold payment of the grant until the applicant carries out such alterations to the existing works or such additional works as may be notified by the authority.

Where the local authority is of the opinion that the actual cost of the qualifying works is less than the approved cost, a revised approved cost will be determined.

Administration and Commencement:

The scheme is being administered by each county council. All issues relating to the day-to-day operation of the scheme, including dealing with enquiries, applications and payments, are a matter for the relevant county council (referred to in this case as the “local authority”).


An application for a grant under this scheme must be made to a local authority on Form WG1 and should be accompanied by a site location map of the house concerned. Where the exact nature and extent of the proposed works are known at the time of making an application, a detailed specification and estimate of cost of the proposed works should also be provided. Contact us or your local authority for a grant application form,these can also be downloaded from your local authority’s website.


Introduction of Grants for Group Water Schemes.

This programme is administered by the local authorities and is comprised of a number of measures to address deficiencies in:

  • group water schemes
  • group sewerage schemes
  • Private supplies where no alternative group or public supply is available.


  • Group Water Schemes

    • Grants of up to 100% of cost of essential treatment & disinfection facilities for schemes participating in bundled Design/Build/Operate (DBO) contracts are available. Other necessary works like buildings, reservoirs, pipelines associated with the contract are grant aided at up to 85% of cost subject to a max of just over 6,475 euro per house
    • For general upgrading of treatment and networks etc, grants of up to 85% of cost subject to a max of 6,475 euro per house are available
    • For new group schemes, grants of up to 85% of cost, subject to a max of 7,475 euro per house, are available
  • Group Sewerage Schemes

    A grant of up to 6,500 euro per house or 75% of the cost of a scheme whichever is the lesser is available for Group Sewerage Schemes where a number of households provide a shared sewage collection/disposal system.

  • Individual Water Supply Grant Scheme

    A grant of up to 75% of cost, subject to a maximum grant of 2,031.58 euro is available for upgrading a private individual water supply where no alternative group or public supply is available.

  • Subsidies:

    An annual subsidy per house is payable towards the cost of providing domestic water to group scheme members:

    • up to 40 euro for each house supplied from a public source
    • up to 95 euro for each house supplied from a private source (well, lake, borehole etc)
    • up to 220 euro for each house where water disinfection and/or treatment is provided under a Design, Build, Operate (DBO) contract.

Application Forms / Explanatory Memoranda

Application Forms and Explanatory Memoranda governing the conditions of these schemes may be obtained by contacting: the Rural Water Programme, Liaison Officer at your local County Council


Local authorities are responsible for giving subsidies to group water schemes for domestic use.

The amount of subsidy is 100 % of the qualifying expenditure.

€ 140 for each house supplied from a private well.

before a subsidy is paid, the group must provide its local authority with details of costs incurred.


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